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3D рисунки на автомобиле

3D рисунки на автомобиле

Однотипность современных автомобилей одной линейки можно исправить с помощью 3д рисунков. Аэрография – отдельная область, которая предназначается для уникализации собственного авто и обретения транспортным средством индивидуального образа.

3D аэрография представляет собой любой портрет, картинку или пейзаж, которые наносятся на поверхность машины. Воздушная живопись создается специальной кистью, представляющей устройство типа баллончика с аэрозольной краской с тонкой струей. Изображения наносят не по трафарету, а их контур слегка размыт. Это позволяет создавать интересные переходы цветов.

ВНИМАНИЕ! Найден совершенно простой способ сократить расход топлива! Не верите? Автомеханик с 15-летним стажем тоже не верил, пока не попробовал. А теперь он экономит на бензине 35 000 рублей в год! Читать дальше»

Аэрография на машинах – сфера настоящего творчества. Профессиональный художник превращает невзрачное авто в эксклюзив, выделяющий это транспортное средство в потоке машин.

Мы с моим компаньоном занимаемся моделированием уже как месяц, как результат публикую такую ламповую комнату.

Примечательно то, что полигонаж данной модельки чуть больше чем в стандартных изометрических моделях. Благодаря этому мы можем выбирать кинематографический ракурс и картинка все равно будет выглядеть сочно.

Airbrush automobiles and cars.

Expressive and harmoniously inscribed in the design of airbrushing on the car will certainly not leave anyone indifferent and will cause a lot of emotions, attracting the views of drivers and pedestrians.
Under the paint any color of the car, especially effectively looks on the image looks on black color.When working on a white or silver car there are some features, adhering to which, too, is terrific.Most often, the drawing on the car uses the front and rear doors, plus the rear wing — this is the most practical combination — you can successfully arrange the picture and, unlike the hoods and front fenders, on most car models, these elements are less prone to chips.The picture can be any, the most important, that he first of all was pleasant to you and corresponded to your tastes, and then it was already appreciated by friends, friends and acquaintances.
To accomplish this task is necessary together with the artist, trusting his skill and talent, in this case one can count on a good result.
The time for performing creative work can not be fully appreciated — it may be before the approximate date, when it captures inspiration, or maybe later — until the best thoughts appear.
The question often arises: what to do if the painted element is damaged? This is amenable to correction. See examples in the section «Restoration of airbrushing»Quality airbrushing will be remembered and will make your car recognizable. Due to these factors, the image on the car is an excellent anti-theft — after all, if there are cameras, and a large number of random people remembering your vehicle, steal his sheer madness. In addition, it is impossible to sell it with characteristic and individual signs — it will be immediately caught, but repainted — economically unprofitable. Plus, again, unnecessary witnesses.
Another advantage of the painted car is that when compiling CASCO insurance companies willingly give a discount or you can generally exclude insurance against theft, which will significantly reduce the cost of the policy.
If the car body is painted more than 60%, then the PTS will have to be changed and it will say: color — multicolor, special marks: airbrushing. This is done quickly and costs 500r. (At the time of writing)
All this applies to expressive, stylish, bright and, most importantly, quality work. Choose a master carefully. Learn his portfolio, style, relate to his wishes and ideas. Do not hesitate to ask questions. And embody your wishes in life!

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Relatto — airbrush, suitable for you and your style!

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